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Smart Sorting Machine

"Fast sorting with high accuracy!!"

Automate the quality checking today with Segritech

Segritech is the world's most compact grading & sorting machine for fruits & vegetables like Pomegranate, Oranges, Apples, Guava, Potato, Onion, Tomato, Lemon and more. It saves time & money both that is being spent on labor and its management in the supply chain. by farmers and traders.

  • Increase your profits by 40%.
  • Reduce wastage volume by 25%.
  • Save your productive time by 80%.

Why Segritech

This single machine can be used for more than 10 varieties of fruits and vegetables with such compact space requirement which can be fit anywhere from small store or farm field.

Vision System

This machine can sort fruits & vegetables into different grading categories by analyzing their color, size, shape, and skin defects..


The AI can predict grades according to its quality with human level accuracy.

Speed & capacity

The machine gives the quality grades in mili seconds which looks wow when we see it live.

Your Usecase

State of the art quality checking tech for your fruits & vegetables.

Segritech is a pioneer in building quality inspection technology for grading & sorting machines.

  • Farmers and traders can use Segritech for checking the quality of their fruits and vegetables. It can work both online and offline, also you can control it with your smart phone as well as from the control panel.

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